After leaving school my creative journey followed two distinct paths, as carpenter and joiner and part-time news photographer. Two pathways of craft, art, and making, that continue to inform and influence my work.


Thirty years ago I shared pivotal journey with Katie my VW camper, running away to Europe. Equipped with camera, film, and a youthful thirst for adventure we crossed the Channel, turned left into the newly accessible parts of Eastern Europe, and embarked on a formative adventure through Hungary and Czechollovakia. 

In the hazy space between then and now I've sailed the Atlantic, married, bought a yacht in Spain, sailed it to Portugal, been blessed with a baby girl, renovated a couple of houses, and, most recently, moved to the USA. Moving to Vermont has given me the impetus to invest time in new creative projects. Once again combining creative energy with technical skills, craft, and creative judgement to invent new works.

Contrasts and contradictions found in familiar slices of culture, environment, gender, self, and the fundamental essence of friendship are just a few of the guiding themes informing my work.

If you would like to know more about my work or have any questions, please get in touch via the form below and I will respond. Many thanks.

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